This all began as a school project for a programming class. The assignment asked to create a database containing a lot of different tables, and a Pokédex fit perfectly for that. I only needed to add a few pokémon, but I pushed myself further and further until all 807 pokémon were added (for the time).

That would've been the end there, but at the same time, a friend of mine was wanting to make a game, and would need easy access to all the information that is present on this website. So, I began creating an application that could display this information easily for him. I eventually realized that having to send him the application whenever I made a change would've been a lot, so then the idea for this website was born.


Shiny Pokémon Images: TonOfDirt726

Additional Pokémon Images: ZarxielZerg


Twitter: _DewGaming

Github: Dew Gaming